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MAŁA Celtic Alanda
called Airgead

A beautiful, noble bitch, which comes from one of more famous Polish kennels. Mała was born from so-called of "associating to the line", which was supposed to establishe the best trademarks of the kennel.
It is an outstandingly female in the type representative of the breed, with a wonderful head, full of expression, excellent proportions and free, easy movement of a greyhound created for running. Her character enraptures even people not-knowing her: she is brave, but also sensitive, very intelligent and willing to cooperate with the man but, simultaneously, not-imposing herself with her respect. She is unusually temperamental, but is able also to keep emotions under control. She loves running (she is one of few Irish wolfhounds in Poland with the racing licence), overcoming obstacles and struggling with next challenges; simultaneously she helps sick persons as a therapy dog, showing them her peaceful nature and sympathy, she teaches children at schools and nursery schools to behave properly with dogs. Thanks to her self-control and social abilities she is a good role model for dogs, which have emotional problems.
She is subject to the training of the advanced obedience and she finds great joy in it (she passed very well the international BH exam).
Mała is healthy, since the third year of age she regularly undergoes cardiological and general examinations, also her eyes were examined, and amongst her ancestors there were Irish Wolfhounds which lived longer than 10, not to say 12 years.
He is a Champion of Poland and a Youth Champion of Poland, and some of her ancestors were Interchampions and Winners of World Championships.






MAŁA Celtic Alanda in the judges’ eyes

International Dog Show, Opole, 26-27.04.2008
Judge - Janusz Opara
Very beautiful, a bit light but excellent type and expression, top line and easy gait. Model coat and excellent temperament.

Jubilee Dog Show, Gorzów Wielkopolski, 08.06.2008
Judge - Andrzej Kaźmierski
Full of the charm, with very well expressed proportion, highly feminine appearance but still a little bit “childish”.

International Dog Show, Sopot, 9-10.08.2008
Judge - Jochen H. Eberhardt
Bitch with highly feminine appearance bitch, which probably will need a long time to develop. Good head, strong teeth, typical colour of eyes, excellent, strong body, straight legs, elegant gait, very good coat concerning a season of the year, excellent character.

National Gundog Show, Poznań- Antoninek, 06.06.2009
Judge - Andrzej Kaźmierski
Highly feminine bitch in the expression, noble, harmonious, endearing head expression, (although, an eye, despite everything, should be a bit darker), she trots easly, has a rough, model coat.

Sighthounds Club Show, Olsztyn k. Częstochowy, 05.09.2009
Judge - Victor Harrisson
Young bitch, good head, neck and range of shoulders, good angulation of forequarters and rather deep breastwork, a bit long loins, very good gait.

National Dog Show, Zielona Góra, 12.09.2010.
Judge - Tomasz Kuszyk
Feminine, excellent long neck, beautiful head, excellent lines and angulation apart from wrists, which are straight. Excellent coat and efficient gait.